Further Education

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Regulations for further education in The First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University:

1. Requirements:

A. Clinical physician: With Bachelor of Medicine or Medical specialty degree; with Certificate of Licensed Practicing Physician or Certificate of Licensed Assistant Practicing Physician;

B. Clinical technician: With working experience for 1 year (junior college graduates) or 2 years (technical school graduates) at minimum.

C. Health Sciences& Nursing: With working experience for 3 years (technical school graduates), 2 years (junior college graduates) or 1 year (medical undergraduates) at minimum.

2. Application procedure:

A. Applicant must fill in the form “Application for further education” and deliver it to our Education or Nursing department together with copies of degree certificate/diploma and certificate of Licensed Practicing Physician / Assistant Practicing Physician signed and stamped by current working unit.

B. After receiving the application, our Education or Nursing department will contact the related departments. After the related departments review the qualification of applicants, acceptance letter will be sent to applicants once the applications are approved.

3. Registration:

A. After accepting the acceptance letter for further education, qualified students for further education must register at the hospital with the acceptance letter and reference letter from current working unit. Those who cannot register on time for any reason must provide the official request for leave from working unit otherwise it will be considered as rejecting the offer.

B. Further education students should bring the coat, stethoscope and 1 colorful one-inch photograph for registration.

C. With the payment instructions provided by Education or Nursing department, further education students must pay the tuition and accommodation fees to Finance department for registration. The payment notice should be copied and filed by Education or Nursing department.

4. Trainings for further education students

A. Education department will introduce the hospital and accommodation regulations, the overview of the hospital and relevant rules about medical ethics. Trainings for students in Health Sciences& Nursing will be provided by Nursing department.

B. Related departments will introduce the relevant regulations, including requirements and rules for medical records, other relevant records, shift changes, duties, consultations and requirements for leave.