​Training course of clinical teaching skills for international students

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A training course of clinical teaching skills for international students was held in Room 401 in Education building in the afternoon of 17th Jan in 2014, with more than 100 participants from various departments attending.

Xiaoling Deng, associate professor from Medical school of Xiamen University hosted this course. Prof. Deng has emphasized the importance of clinical teaching skills for hospital, teachers, students and patients. She also shared her experiences of teaching skills for medical students especially for the international students, together with her 10 tips of “modern-teaching” methods. This talk was very popular and attractive, followed by a friendly discussion by the participants and speaker.

Teachers who attended this course said that this training help them to get a further understanding not only about the clinical teaching skills but also about the techniques for teaching the international students, which is fundamental for developing the international students teaching program in the future in hospital. To further improve the teaching skills of clinical teachers in our hospital, a series of training will be organized routinely in the future.