Regulations for visiting and companion

Release time:October 16, 2014      Views:

1. The visiting hours are from 15:00 to 21:00. Preschool children are not allowed into the wards. Visitors are not allowed into the wards during non-visiting hours without permission (Except for special circumstances).

2. Inpatients requiring companions need to get the agreement from physician in charge or the matron.

3. Families of critically ill patients should follow Regulations for visiting and companion. Medical staff should explain the reasons clearly to the visitors once it is not suitable to visit or disturb the critically ill patients.

4. During the consulting and treatment period, companions should leave the wards. Please consult the medical staff about patient's condition afterwards if necessary.

5. Visitors and companions should follow the guidance by medical staff and ward regulations to keep wards clean and quiet. Smoking, splitting, loud voice, sitting around for tea or occupying other beds, entering other wards without permission, looking over the medical records, any discussion affecting patients’ health and treatment are not allowed. Invitation of physician from other hospital for self-medication with prescription not by our physicians are not allowed.

6. Visitors and companions should take good care of the public properties and save water and electricity. Usage of electric equipment not equipped by hospital is prohibited. Penalties will be applied according to the regulations upon any damage.