Required procedures

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1.clinical and emergency residents assess the needs of being hospitalised.

2.According to the residents appointed department, patients required to ensure the avalibility of the ward and request “the notification of hospitalised proof."

3.Patients will be admitted with physicians issued "hospital card", Emergency Medical card and together with Medicare IC card travel to the First service center for inpatient dmission and booking procedures. According to the provisions prepaid hospital charges, together with SMS tips to the coresponding nursing station and follow by the allocation from the nurse.Emergency rescued patients can be sent to the ward directly, while going through the formalities of admission.nPatients should receive treatment immediatly, meanwhile, urging families filled the standard procedures. Treatment Shall not be delayed for waiting inpatient admission.

4.Patients should register the names, national ID number, emergency contact person, address and phone Number. Ward have to be disinfected accorfing to the health saftey standards, expecially with the Patients with Infectious diseases .

5.Ward medical staff should take the initiative for new patients. Staffs are required to admit allocation of the beds, establish on time Hospital medical records and complete the registration. they are also required to inform the hospital rules, such as, ward system And healthcare education. Nurses have to promptly notify the Residents with any enquires.

6.Clinical and emergency physicians should be promptly updated with the ward avaliability through the management system.In case of emergency patients Require hospitalization while no beds, ward physicians should actively coordinate ward with adjacent or related adjustments. If addtional bed cannot be arranged, physicians and staffs from the wards should clearly explain the situation to the patients and their families. Then,staffs should promptly and properly resolve the issues, any cases should be reported to the Medical Department or the chair-duty when necessary.