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Patients' Rights and Patients' Obligation

Patients' rights

1.The right to obtain medical treatment

2.Respect for human rights

3.Informed consent rights

4.The right to choose methods of diagnosis and treatment

  However, the medical staff is forbidden to provide any invalid or inappropriate diagnosis and treatment.

5.The right to reject any medical diagnosis and treatment

  However, the patient and their families have to be responsible for any consequences.

6.The right to be protected on Individual's privacy

7.Any complaints or critical suggestions to the hospital , the patient have the right to get a response

8.the Right to obtain compensation

9.The right to Consent or refusal to participate in clinical trials of any drug

10. The Right to donate organ(or tissue) 

According to the legal rights, our hospital encourage organ (or tissue) donation and  we are illegible to issue "Organ donation consent".


1.Patients should seek immediate medical attention

2. Patients are required to be truthfully stated medical history to health care workers, especially prohibited to hide any relevant information needed medical work

3. After receiving a treatment plan with the medical staff, patients are required to conscientiously abide by doctor's orders

4. Patients are required to Follow hospital rules and regulations, maintain normal medical activities, respect other patients

5. Patients are required to Comply with the hospital public order, no smoking inside any hospital buildings, taking care of the hospital equipments when used

6. Once Patients have recovered to be discharged from hospital, please timely follow doctors’order.

7. Patients are required to Consciously fulfill the obligation to pay

8.Assisting hospitals and health professionals in the follow-up procedures.

9.Special patients are subjected to compulsory treatment

10.Responsible for carrying personal belongings 

11.Being cooperative to any hospital Teaching programme and intern training.

12. Respect to the dignity of every medical staff